Remove the level 4 pass permanently

It’s extremely annoying that raiders can take the booths by using an unlimited pass. In the gar no matter what rank you are below spec you’re still not allowed to be in the booths even though you bought that pass. The raiders are already too overpowered with their lightsabers, mini guns, shotguns, and jetpacks. I know game passes are made to make you OP but there are other ways that can help you achieve your goal. Such as waiting for the right opportunity to strike. Plus some raiders use the jetpack to get the high ground advantage and easily slip over all of our defenses like an feather. I say we remove the level 4 game pass permanently, this won’t effect the raiders “fun”,but it’ll make a big difference for the gar.

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Pay to win my boy, pay to win. To be honest I don’t see the problem with it. When I raided it made the experience more fun to be honest. I think they should keep it.

If you, why not spend 7 hours with the translator translating the answers and that just when you were to open, someone would come and shoot you and you have to do everything again.

uuuuuuuuuuuuuum what?

I think they should keep it. However, there should be a warning before buying, that Cadets/Troopers are not allowed in booths even if they have the pass.

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que porque no estas 5 horas traduciendo respuestas del ingles y cuando vallas a abrir te maten

for raiders* (is text is for the limit)

I agree, but have you seen the price? Of course this might make V&K lose money, and what’s even the point of raiding if there’s no interesting points to raid?

I think they should keep it.

no i spent my money on the gamepass, i want to be able to use it

It’s a pay to win my guy.

I’m afraid its removal isn’t possible.