Remove the FOB barrier

The reason I’m suggesting the idea to remove the FOB barrier is that it gives raiders more to raid. As a former raider myself who is currently a divisional, the FOB barrier was an unnecessary addition. I know a lot of you guys say it’s to let divisionals host their patrols properly, and to prevent raiders from getting jailed then. Yes that’s true but if divisionals can’t counter a raider raiding during the FOB, that’s their problem. They can get a CG/officer to join or they can switch servers. Yes, rainy made this argument:

“Raiders already get jailed for going into/attacking during the FOB phase of events anyways. Doing this would mean that they could wait outside instead of getting jailed lol. Surely just waiting a bit outside of FOB is better than being jailed.”

That’s their choice if they want to risk getting jailed or not.

I don’t want any beef/negative arguments in the replies please, thank you.

I agree, I would like not to limit the space in the game.

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It’s to not wait 15 minutes to make a final formation and end evemt. FOB phase of patrols is meant to not be raided.


Well… immigrant and raiders have their own barrier at spawn… why wouldnt this be fair huh? If you guys arguing about preventing spawnkill, the same thing could be said about fob barrier too.



As Kkzuk stated above, the final phase of the patrol is not meant to be raided. It’s just an inconvenience to them.

Before, if you raided in the FOB you’d get jailed, now with the barrier we don’t need to worry about you guys and can top off our patrols in peace.

You have your own safezone, let us have ours.


Immigrants/raiders have a safezone, so we should also have a safezone. Just think about this.


Bro it’s literally 5 minutes of waiting… it doesn’t matter.


Again, if the divisionals can’t keep up, that’s their own fault.

They can send someone to keep watch over the raider, or simply switch servers, or take a screenshot of the player leaderboard.


You’re right in a way, but it isn’t always 5 minutes.

Usually, divisional patrols are the prime targets for raiders, and divisional patrol hosts may abuse this in order to not be raided.


Immigrants have THEIR spawn barrier so they don’t get spawnkilled because the only spawn is on top of the platform thingy unless you buy a raider morph which costs money, then you unlock the other spawn.

GAR gets 2 spawns (FOB and border) by simply joining the group.

If raiders decide to SK, they can get jailed/banned, that’s their own fault.



I tried to say something similar but it got flagged and a moderator needs to approve.


Oh you think ya immigrants can have barrier but not us? Ya raiders always keep hiding behind it, so why woudnt we do the same behind our own barrier huh? If we not allowed to spawnkilled ya immigrants, then neither can you.

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Honestly, the immigrant barrier removed could be a good idea too.

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No, it wouldn’t. How the hell did this conversation get to removing the immigrant barrier?

GAR is filled with 10 year old brats with guns, immigrants are 10 year olds, with sometimes no guns. People are more likely to SK immigrants and raider as they get angry about being killed by one. RK is already a big enough of a problem, lets no go adding onto it. Most people find GAR from being an immigrant, we should be be ruining their experience just because some idiot decided to SK.

Now, what you mentioned about divisional patrols being the prime targets for raiders. The reason divisionals spend time at the FOB is because of raiders. And they don’t even spend their whole time there. Most of it is spent at the border and bank. There is no reason to raid divisional events while they are starting or ending an event unless you just want to be a pain in the ass. It is honestly so annoying and it just shows a lack of respect. The only thing that goes on in the FOB is people ending events and sometimes doing faces and formations and whatnot. There is nothing that interesting.

Basically, if you were to raid the FOB while a divisional event or SSU was finishing. The only people that raid that is people who want to be annoying and make peoples lives harder. There is nothing funny about it. There is nothing enjoyable about it. The FOB is used for faces and formations and that’s all it should be used for.

If raiders want to raid, there is a whole border and city to do so. It’s literally what the games for.


If a raider like Hype616161 or raiders who play Alter Force Damage could become a huge problem for Divisions, at least due to the fact that the Raider can also follow the Division on another server, and now this will already be a huge problem since on Final Formation / Faces etc. can go 30-
40 minutes although the event lasts for 20 minutes (Excluding the wait since the post in Discord). The immigrant barrier cannot be removed either, as there will be too many attempts to Spawn Kill, and later if at least part of the GAR on the server does this and the CG comes in, this part will rest in prison. I don’t think removing barriers is a bad idea
but it seems to me the most strange. Removing the FOB barrier will be a huge problem for the Divisions if the Raider jumps from somewhere above, and the CG is not on the server and they are ignored in Discord. It will be the same problem for the Raiders if the Immigrant Barrier is removed, they simply will not have time to appear. The only ones who can and will meet with that problem,
but not so globally it is CG. if even the first time they did not catch Raider in Cuffs, then the second time they will definitely do it.


“If raiders want to raid, there is a whole border and city to do so. It’s literally what the games for.”

Half the people at the border can’t even aim properly, making it boring as hell. Divisionals are the only ones who have the potential to actually put up a challenge against raiders.


“You have your own safezone, let us have ours.”

The reason that immigrants have their own spawn barrier is so they don’t get spawnkilled; they only have 1 spawn unless they buy a raider gamepass which costs money.

GAR has 2 spawns (FOB and the border spawn) and they can unlock both spawns by simply joining the group.

Again, if raiders decide to SK, they can get banned.


With the alter change, you can see the altered raiders through walls, making them easy to catch. If divisionals can’t see them, they’re blind.

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But, it’s the same people at the border that are at the FOB. It doesn’t matter where they are, they still can’t aim.

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Still doesnt addesss that you guys have the spawn barrier. We have our barrier and that pretty much even. If both of immigrant and fob barrier removed, and some of our lowly brat gar decide to sk you raiders, just straight report and make them banned. Just like you guys raiders commit sk and get banned too.