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Remove the ability to use force destroy through windows


Force destroy needs to have a certain nerf in order to balance the game. Now that the new map is out, I’ve seen a ton of immigrants constantly spam it to kill 5+ people that are inside the booth. It gets really annoying to a point. Please consider nerfing it where it can’t be used through windows.



I agree, I think they should just nerf all of the force powers like choke, destroy, alter. There to op for sure.

A lot of people would hate that

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Also no only the force explode power should be nerfed

Raiders would hate that, yes. But like I said it gets annoying to a point where they just spam it and people have to run back to the border over and over. It makes the game boring.

If anything almost all forces got nerfed due to one thing, you cant zoom out as much and for most of us that hurts us from using forces on people if we cant even see them to click on them.

That’s a different kind of nerf than what I am talking about though, plus the only force power that has a problem right now is force destroy. The rest of them are fine. Giving raiders the ability to spam force destroy through windows is borderline OP and unbalanced. Not to mention that it takes years to get back to the border after dying. I would rather leave the game than run all the way back tbh

I’m voting for this in general, but I think that the alter should be nerfed tho.

If I’m spending $20+ on a gamepass, it better be meta.

There is a difference between meta and being overpowered. Force destroy is annoyingly overpowered.

The price is really high, and I think that fact that it’s so expensive, it should be powerful. Nerfing it would be really unfair for those that own it.

If it only killed one person instead of doing blast damage, I wouldn’t be against that.

It’s not like I’m asking for a huge nerf, I’m asking for a nerf that is beneficial for GAR’s experience. If you were in GAR and died to force destroy spam, would you find that fun? Of course not. Gamepasses shouldn’t pander to only raiders, it should pander to both sides instead.

I believe it should kill the person that got targeted and do 70ish damage to players within their radius.

Totally agree should be nerfed. special forces (robux wannabes) use it to teamkill.