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Removable helmets

It would be cool if you could remove your helmets in the game. This could be an off duty sign of something like that. Let me know what you think.

Troopers would just abuse this and keep their helmets off at all times so sorry but no

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What about make it so only Serg+ can remove their helmet? thats even better or only divisional

I like Serg+. Lots of people are on moble and can’t get in divisions.

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well you can get in divisions on mobile now

No you cant
I dont know a division that allows mobile

Bruh you can now, they literally announced it

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This would make it so much easier for immigrants to impersonate.

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We all should get the same skin color same hair and our armor is 3D making us harder to impersonate

Not the same hair 20

The devs would have a field day deciding what color to make everyone.