Red Guard Pikes

Let’s get straight to the point. Currently, all Red Guards uses the same Pike model, it would be great if each Company could receive their proper Pike. Another thing that would be great is if Red Guards could block using Pikes, just like Lightsabers.

A lot of people have requested this already, but I will note that yes as we all know RG/SG/SP are far from their canon accuracy. It would be nice to see SP in their proper morph and SG with sabre pikes, but I think it’s a while off until we see any real results. I mean, SG shouldn’t even be here they’re part of the Empire era plus there force sensitive but not every one of them has a force ability they’ve purchased…


Force abilities would be a bit too much but I agree with the rest. They chose to add Sovereign Protectors and Shadow Guards, therefore we are allowed to ask for more lore accurate content.


Thanks for your input.