Rebel Group please!

TSU is getting a rebel group, and i know we arent connected to vikinglaw or TSU anymore, but we need a rebelion group, such as CIS or something along those lines.

  • Raider team will have kos automaticly

  • You will recieve a blaster or any other type of rifle.

  • An excluse coloured tag that says says Raider under their name.

  • Red user tag.

  • Spawns at the same spawn as Mando, Count Dooku, and B1 and B2.

We should really have this because the current raiding communities arent very fun, they arent connected and are always in war, but if we have a rebellion team such as the TSU one, we will have something to want to raid for.

Not a bad idea actually, though could they have their own discord server created and maintained by GAR HiCOM? If so, this could be really dang good.


We need raider HICOM! Heck yeah

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I wonder if it is this actually:

The Coruscant Underworld . - Roblox


Yeah, but since its never been added I wanted to reask.

I know but there are a ton of different morphs possible for the sepratists and b1 is already one.

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That’s a different group…

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“An inner circle of Criminals and Syndicates lurking within the shadows of Coruscant City”

You sure about that?

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Yeah because we’d be directly against GAR

I played TSU and as soon as you get to the city, you get killed and I’m dying to have it in GAR too :confused:


I thought it was just a game for a different group until I realised it was Kurka’s. It’s not obvious that it’s a GAR game. There are other Clone Army groups.

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Wow that’s really a good idea! Gar should add this!

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Maybe! I’m hopeful but at the same time it could just be a long discarded project.