RC overhaul (kinda)


So I had an idea as I was watching Star Wars geek stuff I found out Commandos are trained in squads of four so I had an idea what if RC tryouts were changed to like all the attendees are split into squads of four for the training when a member leaves or is kicked a member is replaced into that group and if the entire squad graduates they get a squad nickname for example Foxtrot squad and a unique morph in-game for their squad so members in game can chill with their squad and can have their own names like foxtrot leader, foxtrot 35, foxtrot 17 this could be cool just so after events and everything they know each other’s skills so they can coordinate better because they fight together in events and other stuff this is just an idea I thought would be cool



Sadly though the Republic Commandoes only care about your combat and that’s it.

True but could be cool

Well thing is if we do it your way tryouts would take like at least 10 hours lmao

this doesnt really make sense and just makes things more complicated