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Rank order, how to get promoted, get medals and get power


We have many ranks in GAR as well as divisions and officers. I will run over ranks and their order as well as information how to get them.

What can you get with power?

There are many ways to get power right now. With power, you can get promoted up to Warrant Officer rank as well as gain medals. These are all the ranks that you can obtain by getting power:

  • Cadet - 1 power
  • Trooper - 3 power
  • Specialist - 10 power
  • Corporal - 17 power
  • Sergeant - 35 power
  • Staff Sergeant - 60 power
  • Master Sergeant - 85 power
  • Sergeant Major - 115 power
  • Warrant Officer - 175 power

As I said, you can also get medals for obtaining specific ammount of power. These are all the medals that you can receive that way:

  • Bronze Crescent - 200+ Power
  • Silver Crescent - 300+ Power
  • Gold Crescent - 400+ Power
  • Platinum Crescent - 500+ Power
  • Vonium Half Moon - 600+ Power
  • Beskar Moon - Highest Power (600 minimum)

These medals don’t stack up. Instead, you get better one if you request it. When a message like this appears on GAR discord in announcments channel you can DM person who handle medals providing your ROBLOX username and then wait until you receive medal.

To check your medals either DM GAR bot or type in bot-commands channel β€œ;medals”.

How to get power?

Now I will explain how to exactly get power. There are many ways to obtain power which are:

Playing on coruscant in GAR or divisional morph for:

  • 30 minutes+ β†’ 1 power
  • 1 hour+ β†’ 2 power
  • 2 hours+ β†’ 3 power
  • 4 hours+ β†’ 4 power
  • 7 hours+ β†’ 5 power
  • 10 hours+ β†’ 6 power

In game time resets every day at 8 pm EST.

Attend General Training and during it:

  • Be one of the 6 winners during faces β†’ 1 power
  • Complete the obby in 1 minute β†’ 1 power
  • Stay until the end of the training β†’ 1 power

Attend combat training and

  • Be the MVP of all rounds β†’ 1 power
  • Be the MVP of the last round β†’ 1 power
  • Exceed in combat β†’ 1 power
  • Stay until the end of the training β†’ 1 power

Attend Inspections (Saturday 8 pm GMT) and during them:

  • Answer the question asked by officers correctly β†’ 1 power
  • Be one of the 5 people set on fire β†’ 3 power instead of 1

Buy power from promotion clone in border spawn:

  • 1 Power = 199 R$
  • 5 Power = 949 R$
  • 10 Power = 1799 R$

Rank order:

This is an explanation of which rank is above the others. I will also explain how to get each rank. Rank order in GAR is:

  • E1 - Cadet β†’ (Join β€œGAR|Grand Army of the Republic|” ROBLOX group.)

Ranks obtained by getting power {

  • E2 - Trooper

  • E3 - Specialist

  • E4 - Corporal

  • E5 - Sergeant

  • E6 - Staff Sergeant

  • E7 - Master Sergeant

  • E8 - Sergeant Major

  • E9 - Warrant Officer

  • Divisionals (regardles of their GAR rank) β†’ Here is an explenation on how to join a division: How to join a division!

  • O1 - Second Lieutenant β†’ Pass Officer Academy. It will be announced in announcments channel in GAR discord.

Rank up in officer corps to get these ranks:

  • O2 - Lieutenant
  • O3 - Captain
  • O4 - Major
  • O5 - Colonel

HICOM ranks (to obtain them you must be Colonel and be seen worthy of becoming HICOM)

  • C1 - Batallion Commander
  • C2 - Regimental Comander
  • C3 - Marshal Commander

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Question, since wrecker left who do people ask to get medals now>

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