Raider KOS Groups

After the KOSintention incident (pls dont talk about it on this post) I realized how some raider communities are not so nice. Now that I left GAR to raid, I kind of want to join one. Can someone tell me what the most chill raider communities are? thx

Emeral knights were good.

No emerald knights are trash if you want a good not dead or retarded raid group join SER or TCC

Besides that there is other good raid groups but most are dead and can barely host a raid or the owners are garbage people

They aren’t re*arded. Don’t say it again.

They aren’t good i will take retarded back

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They may not be good, but your change was good.

Emerald knights shadow dragons and cis aren’t good they cheat in wars accuse people of being nazis and are mostly dead

aight thanks i’ll try them

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bruh i cant find the group for SER, I feel stupid for asking but how do i join it lol

Join the discord first and pend in the group.
Thanks to Ziggi_Jo for the support through GAR. Be sure to say I said hi when you see him.

join me my boy, ill teach u the raider ways

(btw dont expect any raiding communities to be nice, most are very toxic)

ser sucks

Long time no see

Anyway ngl out of all of the raid groups SER and TCC are the only alive ones the rest can barely host a raid

yeah raiding is dead tbh :confused:


All raid groups are equally toxic to GAR just join one

Dont talk about kos intention idiot

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