RahilGGLOL TOS Ban Appeal

TOS Ban Appeal #1

Username: RahilGGLOL
Ban reason: For breaking Roblox TOS

Hello, I am RahilGGLOL ex 501st Torrent Company CL and Warrant Officer. I was previously banned for breaking Roblox TOS. I understand the breaking Roblox TOS is not a good thing and that is not easily unbannable. I am not asking to be unbanned right at this moment, but I am asking for a temporary ban instead of a permanent one. I know that what I did is unacceptable and shouldn’t be taken lightly but I promise that if I make the same mistake again, you can ban me on the spot. The picture that was taken for my ban did not show the whole thing. I also said after the breaking TOS word that I was “testing to see if it was tagged”. I have made many new friends and was very grateful to be part of such a wonderful and welcoming community. Many of my friends that I made in GAR believe that I should’ve at least gotten an INDOC/warning. Please consider unbanning/giving me a temporary ban. Thank you for your time.

If any other information is needed, contact me:
Discord: rah.#1127


TOS bans can not be appealed on the forums.

Status: Denied :x:

Best regards,