Radios to troopers

Radios to contact other troops.

My suggestion is that troopers should have some kind of radio where they can contact each other (and it won’t be visible for immigrants) if they’re for an example looking for an illegal trespasser or robber.

I have no idea what material should be used to “make” this.

There are no resources that I know of that could be to any help for this.

//discord olilun1230

Do mean an in game private chat group?

Yes, like that you have a little spot next to blaster and clearance where it says “radio”, and when u press it was get a little square where u can type to other troopers including cadets.

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So now that I responded, what do you think about my idea?

Could work, maybe keep it for Spec+ though!!!

Imagine some of the chat from Cadets/Troopers lol

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Maybe trooper+ (Since they still are classified as soldiers)

Same response: Radio system please

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Oh ok well I don’t really know what to do about that…

Thanks for your suggestion.

That’s already planned at some point.