Questions of coruscant

how corrupt would you scale the officers+?

Question why was this made. Questions section was made for this already

wrong section ig :skull:

Question, why was this made, and are you desperate for attention so you try and shit on how “corrupt” the officer corps is?

Cmon guys we all know GAR corrupt is real. Just like the one piece.

90% of non forum loser dislike you because of how attention seeking you
you show up when nobody asked you to
you try to act like a g or giga chad which is sad
and you are a literal ridder for GAR

What makes me a loser, cause you said so? no one even knows me, but they know you for being bad. I’m not seeking any attention I’m asking a question. I’m showing up because this is a public post that you put up thanks for asking moron. Acting like a gigachad, please I’m not stupid enough to want to care. Ridder for GAR, well I guess I am famous. I wish I was though.

You are sad and attention seeking bro get off of milo they are one of the few keeping it alive put some respect on their name

Milo came here for the same reason I did, When we got banned from the discord. True story even though it has nothing to do with this.

invalid because you never are once on discord just a forum redditor

Says who I have a life hi outside