Question of the day (Day#14)

Qotd - What impact on the group do you think The Senate will lead to? Personally, I don’t think the system is needed, which is why I’m curious to see all of your thoughts on this!

For some reason, Vikinglaw still owns the Roblox group, but I think that will get fixed sooner than later.

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Oh I’ve highly opinionated on this before any sort of Senate system was announced, just go back through my posts and you’ll see my early proposals.

Besides this, I don’t think that the GAR operates right now merits a use for a Senate. The bureaucratic system in place means that only a few key individuals and heads of divisions and what not get their say. The purpose of any Senate is to serve the needs of people by having representatives of the people present their demands. This doesn’t and won’t happen, end off. I think that the “Senate” will just be a place to go because it’s something to do; by this I mean it won’t serve any real purpose. As much as I would absolutely love for it to it ultimately won’t.

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It’s just gonna be GAR HiCOM, which is wrong, because the whole point of democratic systems in groups like this is to give the lower ranks a voice through elected representatives. It shouldn’t just be GAR HiCOM, there should be an application or even an election.


Almost brings a tear to my eye. I literally could not agree more.

Am I the only one who thinks that adding a government to a military group like this doesn’t make sense?