Pug is here! (KOSIntention)

Whats up guys it is the pug man KOSIntention. Now I know you may have had some bad information about me but it is gone. After the incident that I had in early April I was banned and ousted from the whole community. After research into my ban by friends and moderators of the raid community my ban was false. The video I sent that caused my ban was not what it was. It was basically a vine. I am now back after being exiled and I have been thinking of new ideas to help make the game better. I will show my ideas in suggestions later on. I hope that all of you can forgive me and come to a sense that it wasn’t what you heard. I am as most people would a degenerate. A person below human standards. But the truth is I am a different person than I am in real life. I have finished the 10th of High school and I am currently attending a college level course (Psychology) for the summer and I have been doing very well. To be honest I was not expecting myself to have such high grades. But that is what has been going on so far to me. I have heard of some of what has been happening in this community and I don’t really have a view on it yet. I know before I have had some negative views on the transition but as soon as I left it seems that Rainy is sending some stuff towards the raiders. I can’t be too sure yet but I hope it is for the better. Also quick question do you want to bring back the old raider tutorial I made?
(Shoutout to TRC especially BQ for not banning me and also Unknown User for defending me)

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blehman shouldnt talk crap and his friends need help asap

man doesn’t even have the balls to talk about me to my face

also hello kosㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ

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Hi sir how have you been

Welcome back, though you did questionable things, I can forgive you, I hope you can forgive me aswell after I was being overly harsh and somewhat hypocritical back then. Hope we can start anew.

Again, welcome back.

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All is forgiven. I am trying to turn over a new leaf now that I’m back. I’m glad to be on good terms with a lot of people again.


most of them arent even smart

Good. how about you?

Obviously that has everything to do with the topic. But welcome back KOS. All is forgiven.

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bro your literally so cool oh my god

Hiya, KOS.

Please don’t use your magik psychological powers to donate my bank account.

Hi guys well it seems my unban didn’t go as planned I guess it is hard to get unbanned anyways especially by my previous actions. I hope eventually I can get unbanned no matter how long it may take. I don’t consider myself a full raider. I tend to just attack people who do wrong in game or friends that I just play around with. But I guess people do see how bad I was before but I have really changed. I will stay active and keep trying to clear my record. I don’t want to hurt gar I just want to help make it better for everyone. Enjoy this pug for now.

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back from the grave you fall come and welcome back another one

Unban this legend. He is an og 2019 raider

Hello gar is dead no point in playing

welcome back kos ///

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hi everyone. its cool to be back.

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Hey , i hope its not a bad thing to ask but (you dont need to answer just tell me you dont want to say it to me ) what did you do ?
And its nice to see so many people accepting you :wink: