Project Blackwing/Zombies (Halloween event)

I believe it would be a amazing Halloween event and it’ll probably get a lot of players to play. The zombies should probably be npcs or players and if you get injured by one of them u slowly die and maybe turn into one of them, jetpacks should malfunction during this event so it can be hard for players to survive

Cool idea, but I think this may be annoying also for like patrols, etc.

Damn right it is annoying. How are we supposed to fenced off zombies if the gar had to stay at border for their duty.

I mean, halloween goes for one day. Not like divisions are going to completely die cause of this.

it’s a Halloween event

it can be like a few weeks long and people if they pass can get special items also to prevent it from ruining events it can not go in spawns or fob

eh maybe 1-4 days cause a few weeks is too much

But I love the idea for prizes and stuff like that

Yeah like they drop something

credits or hand blasters?

  • This could be a separate game; or part of the game, you spawn in at border with a pistol, the city and border have been taken over by zombies, and other enemies, you have to collect supplies like better guns, and medkits (possible lightsaber) You need to progress through until you face the final boss, the person behind the zombies a buff gonk droid, you have an epic boss fight, and if you win you get a new pet or item (idk)