Progression upgrades

Cadet - lvl 1 border pass

Trooper - blaster pistol - lvl 1 border pass

Specalist - unlocks basic armor customization

Corporal -

Sergeant - unlocks standard armor customization

Master sergeant - unlocks armor accessories

WO - unlocks supreme customization and accessories

your suggestion is mid. What happened to clearance 2??

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I like the idea! Some added customization might be cool, depending on what it is.


I like the idea, but what happend to clearence 2? i think clearence 2 is very important to control the booths.

I forgot to add C2 :cry:

It doesn’t seem worth it really.

more morph customization is unlikely, but then again, this idea does bring perhaps the idea of a slightly buffed blaster rifle (slightly buff ROF or damage) instead to say sergeant+, as majority of people already know that the normal blaster rifle sucks in comparison to what weapons you often see used against you

Could you not try to put a suggestion in my suggestion

that’s the point of a forum…

ill do what i intend to do, sorry if you got a problem with that :wink:

Something called making your own suggestion instead of putting it in others

It’s a suggestion forum. It’s meant for discussion. This isn’t some revolutionary idea you came up with.