Power points system change

hi i would like to see a little change to the way you get power points so that every 30 minuets you receive 1 power point since not everyone can play more than one hour per day.

You can get more power by joining trainings. And i don’t think the power system will be changed.

lets say you dont have discord then you wont know about training

If you can’t have discord becouse you are under thirteen years old, then you can’t uses the forums.

im not talking about me but other people who cant use discord

That won’t happen sorry. We feel it’s better if person spends 30 minutes two days than 1 hour in one day.

They are two reasons they do this.
1.Afk farmers if you got points every 30 mins the afk farmers would climb trough the ranks and more people would become afk farmers.
2.Ranks the ranks are important if they are more people on the top and less troopers at the bottom then gar would fall.

yeah i know it is kinda sad that people do this
-tyhhipthebest corporal GAR