Plz unban kosintention

He sent CP but it wasn’t even CP it was just a meme. Plz unban him. We need him as our pet again!! I mean look at him come on. You really wanna decline that cute pug face he has??




None of us. Joke or not CP is against the law.


He played coruscant since 2019. He may have sent a fake CP, but he is a legend of the raiding community.

You need to know that some people want a legend unbanned.

Yes yes let’s allow him to come back to continue sending “fake” cp. No. Joke or not it’s not allowed and is against the law.

CP’s not a joke, fake or not.


What. He sent CP as a joke so we should unban him? CP is literally ILLEGAL.


We just said it wasn’t CP. I sent something that looked like it was and joked about it, wasn’t even cp at all just a meme. Don’t make it seem like I spammed CP when you don’t know the whole story. I am just a guy who is coming back into the community to do good not bad.

If it wasn’t CP then what was it?

Just a vine. (A older term for meme if im correct maybe)

Its legal on youtube btw

But what was it? They wouldn’t ban for a vine would they?

because it turned into a guy and a woman being in bed.

I am the person who reported @CommanderPug and we talked and it turns out he didn’t send cp he just sent p*rn

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I agree that he should be unabnned but I reported him and got him banned so

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I mean, p*rn isn’t really much better, but I agree he should be unbanned.

Lmao no. They could of been a minor which again is also against the law.

Thank you @FwSwitch. I have not sent any nsfw since I have came back to the community which was a few days ago. I will never do anything like it again because I saw how it changed me for the worst. I want to make up for that now.

but two people just said they weren’t minors…

Where? Where did they state it.