Plz nerf gar for the new raiders!

Perhaps not but saying I “mean jackshit to CG” is not only offensive but wrong.

YOO YOO WSG GANG GANG. Why tf do I need a “complete sentence” to post??

Love you buddy <3 <3

where would immigrants spawn instead of where they do now?

Personally, since we’re going off-canon with the shields and shit, I think we should give raiders a 500% health boost. I mean, if you’re going to buff GAR may as well buff raiders! And while you’re at it, give all raiders golden minigun, jetpack, doublejump and super blaster for free. pls and thank you <3

lets not forget the fact that you are on GAR thus making it extremely biased

Wow, with your mom”s credit card where you spent 6000 robux plus to get all the gamepasses?? Mmhm sounds like a skill issue, please learn the meaning of it before you use it LOL

Idm for the funny HAHAHAHAHA

Only 3 (inactive) divisions get those.
Only the most active divisions get that and you’ll hardly ever see someone using it against raiders because it’s terrible.
Golden blaster is basically the normal blaster rifle, and only one division will ever have access to it at any one time.
No idea what you mean by hitbox.
You can’t.
Just don’t go near FOB…?
Uh… Not sure what a better spawn is meant to be but raiders spawn right next to the border. I’m not actually sure what you mean by this as better spawn could be interpreted in lots of ways.
Only for RG and they’re hardly ever in-game.
Medigun isn’t really an advantage. You can’t really use it mid-combat but only after you killed the person because otherwise you’ll be killed while using it.
You can’t really say that’s an advantage because there’s literally nothing anyone can do about that. Just because lots of people choose to join GAR instead of raid doesn’t mean gar has an unfair advantage.

Jezuz, just a topic about raider demands is already making this comment sections a battlefield. This has been discussed for prolonged time and y all just want to go on with it?

Love u too bro

i’ve been jailed before it’s not bad. i’m not biased. you can shush now

u kinda are since ur in gar trying to disprove us and saying that we are op when we gotta waste 75+ Usd just to be as good as divs

And even after wasting the 75 plus dollars just to be as good as divs people like rainy and kurka end up giving the divs more buffs plus the fact that a patrol normally holds around 10 divs i don’t see that as fair at all

50 replies in this topic, LOL

Ive spent 200. To fight raiders. Im not in any division right now. Everyone has to put in a lot.

this a troll post someone archive/lock/remove this post and yea this isnt a gofundme page screw off and beg somewhere else

Mate. You are blind. Just because you went to jail once doesnt give you the entitlement to relate with us raiders. You are GAR, not a raider. Now shut your mouth

This isn’t a troll post this is real issues the game faces and if you are against that then shut the fuck up

I never explicitly said I was GAR when you first came into this site. GAR can be jailed for many reasons i have refused to post gone to restricted area many times before. I also do frequently leave GAR to raid in an immigrant morph. I raid in mandomrorian morph as well so shut your goofy mouth up.