Pls remove this unfair and annoying

So recently when I raided/mass murdered a bunch of gar players I got an auto kos like what? why is even assigned it’s not against republic to kos if you’re going to make this a new thing at least put this in the republic law trello, it makes it unfun and not necessary I understand if you raid a patrol or a gar event, but this is too far and needs to be changed some don’t raid all the time and gar can fight back. Please consider changing this. Gar is declining due to raiding getting more restricted like this is a bit too far with this one, I will boycott playing gar until this is removed, been playing since 2020, raiders need more benefits instead of more restrictions.

It’s for GAR to know if you were raiding to be prepared and kill you for theur safety. Wait 30 minutes and don’t raid during that time to get rid of KOS tag.

Like a lession so you don’t raid

This sounds like a you problem. Like people said, if you don’t like a KOS tag or a AOS tag then don’t raid.

Ok but gar can fight back so there is no point in giving out punishments like these it makes the game less fun for raiders this also makes it more boring for gar since less people will raid now it will be more better if this was removed, plus this is legit not even on the trello the map is already boring and u want to have more boringness I guess, gar is declining due to raiders getting more restrictions than benefits.

GAR can be very corrupt and cruel so as a part-time raider I like to take revenge and honestly this is wrong. All immigrants can do for fun is raid. I could care less about GAR safety. New protest, Raider lives matter.

@josephi3210 @BlueRedMaster55, this is the part y’all fail to understand. It is to prevent raiders from abusing ‘the new life rule.’ They can raid a server for hours and hours, just walking up to GAR looking peaceful and can just suddenly pull a gun. And if anybody from GAR kills them before they pull a gun, that can be considered RK. I’ve seen raiders abuse new life rule first hand. They used to be able to fly up to you, no KOS no AOS. I know they are about to raid but I can’t shoot them till they pull a gun. In the end, they pull a gun or lightsaber first and try and get the first shot. Either they miss or I die. It evens the playing field a bit with the new life rule. If you want to raid you get the AOS/KOS tag, simple. If you don’t want to be KOS/AOS don’t raid, or wait till that tag is gone. There can always be some changes in how it works, like amount of time it is given for or amount of kills one can get. Sure, that is another topic up for debate.

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In the clone wars, they didn’t always have a warning of when they would be attacked. Life is unpredictable. You need to be ready for anything. Also, life isn’t fair if people in GAR don’t like raiders then they can leave.

And that is where the game fails and how they messed up with the map update. The lack of things for immigrants to do and the lack of knowledge of the rules in rank and file GAR. One should have been in the new map but got peddled backwards and corrupt GAR usually should result in forums to get them out.

Life isn’t fair, if raiders don’t like AOS/KOS. They can leave.

It is not good to immigrants at all there are times where im getting rked and i try to protect myself and now i get kos for 30 min when i was just trying to chill. Yea i could just leave for 30 min but who wants to do that when you were chilling right in the moment. This is why at some points the game is lowered to under 100 players in total in game.

You have to kill 10 GAR to get KOS and you have to do it in some time. I think that they should just change the number of killed GAR to get the KOS or AOS.

I feel like they should only give kos if the raider has killed 10 times in one life.

No, raiders can respawn and raid again. KOS is to stop abusing new life rule. If immigrant stands in front of you and you are sure he will raid you can’t kill him until he pulls up a weapons because that would be RK. Imagine situation where you hold shotgun and stay somwhere and immigrants talks to you, then he immediatly pulls up double lightsaber and kills you. You have no chance to counter that without RKing.

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The only good thing it has done for raiders is have non gar SF that side with gar and anti raid get kos by gar. I see almost no solution for this as it will just be complained by one and another side for compensation. As gar will always be favored through this the kos aos system will just stay as is.

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There is another option to prevent abusing new life rule. They may add weapon equip cooldown to give upper hand people who already have weapon in safe mode. I made suggestion about this some time ago:

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It may work but then again its just going to favor gar more than it has to raiders. raiders will just get another downside from this.

Enyone with shutgun can go up to divisional / GAR member and kill they while they are not prepared. If raiders want to fight with GAR then let’s fight fairly. Raiders can plan attack, decide who attacks different positions to take over the border. I respect raiders that try to fight on the same terms, that don’t SK or attack without notice. I just don’t like people that know what new life rule is and constantly abuse it. I stand in one spot and then immigrant comes to me says hello and immediatly pulls up shotgun killing me don’t giving me time to react.

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True but how area raiders suppose to respond when they are getting getting rked? yeah they can report them but also it is just inconvenient to alot of people.

Yeah that is something I don’t like about it.