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Please, for the sake of all of us, FIX or REMOVE Force

Honestly, for too long has this been an issue.

It’s made a huge impact since the Force was first introduced to GAR, and yeah, it’s effective, it’s beneficial in several ways, but at the same time, it’s being misused.


[-] Immigrants/Raiders are getting force choked whilst in spawn and shot once they’ve passed the barrier seperating the Immigrant Spawn & the Border.

[-] Several, several, several accounts of Spawn Killing.

[-] Cooldowns are WAY too short, it only takes a couple of minutes to use alter & force destroy again.

[-] Several complaints have already been filed regarding this issue as well.

The most you could do is deduct the amount of damage the force(s) do or raise the cooldown time.

It’s actually 40 seconds

Okay? That doesn’t make a difference. His point is still completely valid.


nah If they remove or fix force powers, they better give a small refund

If they remove it, then yes. But if they fix it, no.

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No they shouldn’t lol, everything you spend your money on is considered a final and legitimized purchase, therefore issues shouldn’t need to be refunded.

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then just get bobux.

you are complained about the Cooldowns because you get killed by it while the people using like raider or gar get the kill.

Please elaborate on this as I don’t understand a word of what you just said.

U are complaining about alter and destroy and other because because with those raider and maybe even gar can kill u and u have no defense.

He was talking about how they spawn kill him with the force powers. For example, in the immigrant spawn groups of raiders or GAR will force choke you out of the spawn zone and shoot you over and over.


Ah, thanks. But I’m what I’m trying to say is a nerf of the forces, so this could benefit both raiders and GAR. Damage will be reduced, cooldowns will be extended giving both sides more time to exit spawn without the possibility of being SKed repeatedly due to Force Destroy’s area damage.

Mate, I’ve been merely raiding for 3 years with sheer amount of protection. I’ve never used force once, only alter a few times but that is right near the release of force powers. I only rely on my weapons and play the game fairly, I don’t have the tendency to spawn kill. What I am asking for benefits both sides, regardless of whether you are GAR or a raider. This will benefit us both.

here the problem once u nerf it people will be complaining because they will be saying that they have wasted 1000+ robux.

if u nerfed alter i would be be mad cause that helps a lot.

That’s on their end unfortunately, they bought it and all purchases are final. You’re responsible for what you spend your earnings on.

It does but it causes far too many issues, spawn killing, random killing, easily wiping out a border with 2 people. But this will benefit BOTH sides as said before, not just raiders, not just GAR, but both of us.

i have seen rk, tk, and sk but they always do it with weapons not the force

Are you sure about that? I’d check twice if I were you. A lot of SKing and Tking occurs via forces, it’s especially common during events.

i raid gar meeting sometimes with alter and it helps a lot. if u were to nerf the force so people will be complaining then people will stop buying the force