Play time rewards!


I personally think that the devs should add play time rewards for example: 1 Day: A pet. 5 Days: A speeder. 7 Days: A F2P raider morph.

Or these could be linked to power.

Hell no. If you only needed to spend 5 days in game to get a speeder, no one would join 91st and it would be chaos.

Bro this was just an example

Ah ok. Then it could be a good idea then

Hey @RainyLofi this would be a win win for you. First you have more active player counts and you also have much more premium payouts

It was jst an idea things like a speeder could maybe be a idk 70 days reward or something in that time you have enough time to be in that division you know?
(Just a idea)

Even then though, i don’t think a pet or a speeder would work cause both of those things already are in the game or are going to be available for everyone soon