Pilots and drivers in GAR


Add a division that can oprate like AT-TEs or LAATs or even like ARC-170 And make so they can be a sub division like the CG version would be able to drive police gunships and every divisions transport will have diferent paints like 501st LAAT would have the blue marking and more!


Putting images here becuase i could not on the actual post

Just because there are 2 veichles doesn’t mean coruscants meant for fliers, and others.

that is a very good point

No, we do not meet any space/gun ships. Speeders are enough.

Really? Making your own comment the solution? Anyways, entire GUNSHIPS will be way more expensive than speeders, so your point is invalid. Gunships are unnecessary. To get people around faster, using the metro system featured in the previous revamp will be the way to go.

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