Pike Permanent Item Robux Offer

say if I could pay 2,500 robux to get a permanent pike. But like grey and less damage then RG pike. Would that be possible if y’all made a temp shirt that cost 2,500 robux and I bought it could I get a pike fr. I can double the robux if required. I honestly just want a pike so I can just smack cadets who don’t post and such. I am offering a upfront payment of 2,500 robux, including 2 weeks later a final payment of around 4,500 robux.

So two payments
-Upfront 2,500
2 weeks later payment of 4,500.
You guys make: 7,000

Please try considering my offer for the pike and maybe discuss with rainy. Because 4,500 robux to my currency is $80.00.

LOL? Dude you aren’t buying a personal RG pike, just join RG

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I get the feeling this will never happen