PhoenixBonds Coruscant Ban Appeal


Username: ( PhoenixBonds )
Ban reason: ( Leaking JustinVix’s face )


( Back in early March, I was the same annoying squeaker that originally got me removed from my high-rank position. Instead of learning from my past foolish ways, I decided to rage and start a fit because I didn’t agree with what happened to me. Henceforth I did what at the time seemed like the only way to “get back” at the man who took away my rank. I sent a photo of JustinVix in the discord numerous times which ended up getting me banned from the discord and Coruscant. Ever since March I have been learning as a person and since then I have changed my ways. The Coruscant game brings me joy and gives me nostalgia from when I joined back in January, which is why I am requesting that I get unbanned from Coruscant. )


EDIT: There was a rule made AFTER I did this that states you will get banned from the discord for leaking personal things. I accept my ban from the discord, now unban me from the game.


Hi there,

Thank you for your patience.
At this time, Management, IAD and the GAR HICOM team have unanimously decided to deny your appeal for an unban from GAR.

Violation of Discord and Roblox Community Guidelines are unappealable offences.
Additionally, due to your continued negative attitude towards this community, we will not be considering unbanning you from the game either.

Due to regulations now being enforced by the V&K Management, your case has now been moved up to the jurisdiction of the IAD.

All IAD bans are final and cannot be appealed. Any questions may be directed at @Nostik4.

Appeal Status: Denied :no_entry: