PhoenixBonds Coruscant Ban Appeal


Username: ( PhoenixBonds )
Ban reason: ( Leaking )


Since I have already complained and bothered people about my story, I will keep it short. It has been nearly two years since my incident within GAR, I got demoted and in an act of rage, I sent JustinVix’s face in the verify chat. Since then, I have had lots of time to think over what I did and how it was very wrong.

On my last appeal, JustinVix replied “Due to regulations now being enforced by the V&K Management, your case has now been moved up to the jurisdiction of the IAD.”. Due to the recent separation of GAR and V&K I believe this is the best time for a fresh start and a new journey within GAR, especially with the outstanding new development and management updates that have undergone in the past two years. Despite my ban, GAR has always been dear to my heart, it taught me many lessons that I use every day to better myself, and I would like to further those teachings with a new career within it. I hope you understand and Happy Holidays.

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We’ve reviewed your case and decided that we may not offer an unban in this particular case.

Power abusing and then doxxing is something that will never be acceptable in our community.