People with KOS shouldnt get weapons


People with the KOS tag shouldn’t have any game passes or weapons, its really hard to kill these KOS people.

You just making raiders harder to play? Some people have the mindset of causing chaos in military roleplay games like this.

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no bruh what dont do this

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Is it hard to kill a raider? Then solve the problem with your skills, fix your aim to make it easier to kill the raider.

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Where do I even begin to talk about this


Bro must really suck lol.


This is a terrible idea… They get KOS because they are raiding. That would remove all incentive for raiding.


"Let’s delete our sypporters gamepasses cause they used them!"

Anyways, as any rational human will see, yeah this suggestion is garbage.

If you are having trouble killing a raider, then you have a skill issue and need to improve.

Sounds like you want raiders to just be deleted off the game.

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wow, if it’s hard to kill them get better, also KOS is a tag given to raiders, it shows they have weapons and can kill, they do not get weapons for free, and have to pay for them like everyone else (except GAR). It is also completely stupid to get rid of weapons for raiders, as they are the main income of robux in the game, why would you stop it if it gives you money, and lastly getting rid of KOS weapons is basically against TOS because they paid the robux for the weapons, and if they cannot have access to it, it is basically scamming. Also idk how u found this forum kid

I do pay for gar sf morph and have a force power, just that enough for me fo fend off some dumb gold minigun raiders.

whats the point of being KOS (Kill On Sight) if you cant even have weapons to fight back :skull:

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KOSIntention when this happens.

omg this is going idea!! lets delete raiders off the game!!!