[PENDING] Sergeant caught Rking


Reporter username: GhOsT_St3p
Reported user: RahilGGLOL


I was attending a CG patrol with the host Nozarus and the CC Zekubado, while in front of the gate of the booth, I saw a sergeant killing a lot of immigrants,then I asked him the reason to kill that immigrants, he answered at the start “I didn’t kill them”, then he said the opposite,without addmit what he has done, talking with the CC Zekubado, he said randomnly that I Rk,also I saw him do that infront of spawn before of deploying on border, but I did not something
since I tought that he had a reason, but the second time was clear.



Hi there!

Thank you for your report.
It seems that there is not enough information provided for me to look into this matter.

Please reply to this post with full details of the incident and proof of it’s occurrence.

As of now, this report is being placed on hold. You will have 24 hours to respond to this post, after which it will be automatically closed.
Please feel free to submit another report, and I’m sure another member of Staff will be happy to assist you.

Report Status: Pending :construction:


As I said, I was attending a patrol with the host Nozarus and the CC Zekubado,and before of deploying on border, I saw that sergeant out of border Rking one person,at that moment I did not say something since I tought that immigrant tried to kill the sergeant.While patrolling on border I have saw the sergeant kill immigrants on line for no reason, he neither warn them, for no reason.

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