[PENDING] I was banned in the discord server for tagging the moderation team and i regret it


Username: ( StarGamer4455 )
Discord: ( Creeper#6467 )
Discord Id: ( Creeper#6467 )
Ban reason: ( Tagging the moderation team )


( I was once joking around in the discord server until i did something bad. I tagged the moderation team and i still regret what i did. I have now started playing the game really much, but i cant join any tryout because I’m banned from the discord server. I am very sorry for what i did i really regret it, and i have learned from my mistake. I will never do such a thing again, i really want to get back to the discord server because i really like this game. I’m so sorry for what i did, i promise. Please let me back in. )

I think you should unban me because i really just want to have fun and join divisions and i regret what i did and i wont do it again. its such a small mistake and i regret it so bad. Please unban. (It was a while ago i got banned i just started liking this game again and really want to get unban and have fun joining divisions pls)


Invalid discord ID. This appeal will be put on hold for 10 days. If you do not change your ID within that 10 days, this appeal will be denied.

Status: Pending :clock3:

Im confused what is my discord ID where do i find my discord ID im confused