[PENDING] Globally Blacklisted | GAR Document Appeal |


3 weeks ago
Username: ( antinoobs91 )
Discord: ( agent#5579 )


What has happened just before you were blacklisted?

So I got blacklisted for not reading the rules… It all started when I joined a division, and I didn’t know that I can’t stay in 2 divisions or more, so I tried to enter another division not knowing that I was not allowed to my position and that the consequences would be very serious.

What made me do this?

I had recently looked at the biggest GAR ranks and realized they were in more than one division so I figured this would “apply” to me somehow, I tried it. And now here I am, writing an appeal to get me out.

This is a universal blacklist appeal, it shouldn’t be in the document blacklist section.

Oh, Alright thank you.