[PENDING] Banned from the discord server (DM advertise)


Username: lMarshmeIIol
Discord: 1102
Discord Id: 376544506692239361
Ban reason: DM adverstising.

Proof that I left the group:

So, I made a star wars group a long time ago, after I left every division from GAR (from what I remember) - I started making a discord server for the group, then I started inviting some trusted people to the discord server only then some of them started to invite some people to it too and the issue is that I accidently invited someone untrusted and didnt really notice that (no idea who it was) then he reported me to UAVisOffline for advertising. (All of this happened like more than 4-5 months)

Hello there,

I see that you were banned for DM Advertising for this reason.

Before I can think about accepting this appeal, I’d like to know how you accidentally invited someone untrusted to this respective server. If you don’t even know who, it seems to me that you may have advertised to several people within GAR.

~ Scythse

Appeal status: Pending :construction: