Patrols for gar members

Patrol for non divisionals!

(This would obviously be hosted by a higher rank in discord, but it would be a cool thing to do. It should be hosted like every hour and maybe attending like 5-6 patrols gets you 1 power. The patrol would just be a around the map and maybe guarding the bank for like 5 minutes. This would provide us NON divisionals with more fun. (must have discord to be in patrol as thats the only way you can see it being announced.)


(Patrol would be start at the border. March to the tunnel in the border and guard for 2 min. After a nice long run from the General Grievous area till the Bar. After that 5 minute of bank guarding and finally finishing it off at FOB. )
if this gets more popular i will elaborate further

Nah, patrols are only for divisionals. If you want patrols join a division.

Nah, patrols are only for divisionals. If you want patrols join a division- :nerd_face:

what if i told you that this exists, it’s called an SSU

:scream::exploding_head: !!!

could be interesting but imagine how many dumb ass gar would be in it. it would end up taking hours

Patrols are a feature of divisions. The only reason they function is because the people in patrols have passed trainings, tryouts and know how to behave. It would be utter chaos if untrained GAR members were allowed to attend patrols - besides, its very similar to an SSU in content.