Organizing New type of Events to avoid Post refusal

Hi guys, this survey is aimed at all GAR members and divisionals.

I am a sergeant major and I am noticing that over time this RP server is becoming more and more anarchic, let me explain:

During my career as a subordinate (since I was a cadet to the rank of corporal) I was ordered (as it should be in this server RP) to post.

Unfortunately my fellow Sergeants + who therefore can and MUST post people, usually do not order people to post and, when they do, the soldiers continually refuse.

Don’t get me wrong, it is normal for soldiers not to want to post, but there is no longer the respect and “fear of the authority of the highest ranks”.

So what I propose to eliminate this problem is to have the warrant officers organize events to restore respect and order among the ranks as it once was.
These events will be like patrols or missions assigned to soldiers but managed ONLY by the high GAR ranks and not by divisionals.

In my opinion it would also be a great idea to promote and evolve the server.

If you are interested in it, have questions, or want to share your ideas with me I leave you my Discord IP: Mastrota la trota#1730

There are events in game hosted by GAR called server start ups.


@Max1239 Yea, but that’s not a solution.

I hope you aren’t trying to send lower ranks to posts without being in a division or officer, because those people are big monkeys (especially the ones that team kill).

Yeah, neither is yours.

no. zero thought, you’re old fashioned, i do agree they should listen. but this idea, no.

I mean, it doesn’t say anywhere that Sergeant+ HAVE to post people. Anyone can post people. If a cadet is on a post, and a Corporal isn’t, the cadet can post the corporal. There is hardly a chain of command when it comes to the lower ranks. Hell, there is hardly a chain of command when it comes to any GAR ranks. It’s when you become an officer or get into a division that it starts to matter. Sergeants probably don’t want to get TK warning. It really doesn’t matter if people are out of control, that’s what CG, officers, and other divisionals are for. This group has too many members and is too popular with younger kids to have anything like this. This sort of respect can only be found in smaller groups with a more tight nit group when it comes to ranks.

I agree with you on the final part, but I don’t think lower ranks are allowed to post higher ranks.

That’s just what I heard in the RI public affairs thingo.