Opinion on raiding groups

I’m just wondering what do you guys think.

nothing bad, actually it’s cool to have a group of raiders and that everyone does what they like together, although some of them are toxic and other groups get silly breaking rules for a simple attention or possibility of “kos”, even so I opined that raider groups are cool.

i get super excited to see them, some are my friends. I remmeber some like red eye snakes was it called? not sure but as a hound company member its a nice challenge but then gets super overwhelming since i dont own a JP lol… T_T

Ah interesting, now do you think the wall at FOB is “fair”

i think we shouldn’t be able to shoot through it because the raiders are already limited to not being able to raid fob, it kinda gives us more freedom to start and end events in peace, theres plently of other times when raiders can get divisionals / gar during patrols or border times.

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I personally have noticed that divisional skill has become 30% lower with the skill ceiling going down by only 5% because of the changes and honestly i don’t fully understand the problem with fighting off 1 raider when at pads, maybe make anyone that passes the statue AOS.

yes our vets are leaving and div standards are falling

Guess who is a vet that got banned for trying to do the right thing that can take out fully 187th patrols :scream:

who? /// /// tell ///

It’s me, a vet from 2019 who’s former: 327th Bacta VG Talon Hawkbat, 104th Howler, 501st 332nd, CG riot, 187th, 7th 3 times,

2019? im from 17 ///

Game wasn’t out back then…

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but non dev huh guess yes it was

that was during viking laws time

Viking was running the game from the start of 2019

check out my profile header. tell me what you think of it

? then i got my years mixed up

never have been good with my years

i joined the gar community in 2020 bud

Ah your a mid gen well nice to meet you.