OOS Titles For Players

Give companies/divisions with OOS a red title called “OOS” Title.

If we give companies with OOS, a red OOS title (similar to the KOS/AOS) It would cover and make it a lot simpler for people who arent aware of OOS companies or divisions.

I personally think this would be a good idea to not only make it simpler to notice, also to enforce it more as some OOS members have broken it once and a time.

I like it. That gives a good vote.

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That’s a great idea !

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I agree. But I suggest some other colour and instead of OOS it should say Oath of silence because some dumb troopers may think it’s AOS or KOS.


My vote has a limit but i agree this suggestion

Good suggestion, voted.

I think it should be blue, to prevent blind troopers and specialists from thinking its AOS. Also when you hover your mouse over the said player, it should say “OOS- (Oath Of Silence) Automatic permanent status for certain divisions/companies. Users with this status cannot talk besides some words such as ‘POST!’ or, ‘BACK!’
But also they should take away the status when out of the morph obviously.

Then you should make new rank in groups for MRs since company with OOS MRs are allowed to break it.

I like it, but there are some reasons why I think it wouldn’t work. First off, a lot of times, hosts or HiCOM remove companies OOS. So they can talk, but still have OOS on their head which would be weird. Secondly, some companies only have OOS activated when they are guarding someone.

Then it could be a manual activation by the player who has OOS, but only give them the option if they are in a division or company that generally has OOS to prevent dumb non divisionals from spamming it

it is a good idea, but i don’t want to use a vote on it

that would be pretty hard to do, since normally assigning someone a tag requires the bot