OOS thiny idk what to name this lol


Something trivial I thought of, instead of having to type up and accidentally misspell your message whilst in OOS, this little tab can help!

Simply go to the bottom left of your screen to see a small tab (1st SS below) and click on it to access all needed words.

It’s a simple yet trivial addition, not exactly needed but would be cool to add exclusively to guarding companies/divisions such as Red Guard, Ghost Company, Riot Company, Magenta Company, etc etc.

Since new UI is being built I think now is a good time to suggest this mainly quality of life addition. Ofc you don’t need to as it’s mainly not a problem, but a timesaver.


Spam intensifieshb

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I dunno, I’d kinda hope that people would know how to type without putting too big of an error, and either way i doubt anyone cares too much if there is a mistake

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I think it would be easier to just add this for every division since every division can use the “POST!” command.