On duty and off duty for gamepasses

When using morph gamepasses like B1 you can select to be on duty or off duty. If you select off duty you spawn like you do now, if you select on duty your title would change to your GAR rank and you would be treated as a normal GAR but in a morph.

This makes no sense i

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Imagine the way gamepasses work in the military simulator city buy in GAR.

I don’t get it…it’s so confusing.

I don’t know why the other morphs don’t work like special forces so it should be like that as well.

why would a B1 raider be able to deploy as GAR, that makes no sense?

It would like SF but with the other gamepasses

Ohhhhhh, but it still doesn’t make sense, when a GAR member switches to the SF morph, it’s off-duty, or if any GAR member uses any morph (besides divisional), it would count as off-duty… I don’t see why GAR members should use raider morphs for on-duty, would will it do? Do they get any special perks? This whole suggestion doesn’t really make sense, a Mandalorian spawning in the immigrant spawn.