Off duty raiding bannable

When someone off duty raiding is just annoying since most of them got almost all gamepasses and most people cant do anything about it, if they want to raid they should leave GAR group. So off duty raiding should be bannable.

i was banned for reporting a officer of being racist so as a ADMIN ABUSED victim i will say that i they should indeed fix this problem but not make it ban able

this would remove the entire point of buying the raider morphs, so this is stupid
also how would divs be able to off duty raid

Greetings, @xplxded
This is already bannable: Off-duty Raiding. But, it can only be applied mostly to divisionals raiding official events, for example, depending on how it’s regulated as some may not allow such.

Also, if we were to ban those who off-duty raid, this will cause people to feel scammed of having bought those gamepasses. For a reason, those gamepasses are deployed as immigrants.

In regards,
HermanosLuDi, Beta Tester.

This defeats the entire point of the gamepass

Bruh i agree with you this is litteraly defeating whole point of gamepass, GAR sales are gonna go down so much if this becomes bannable.