Now I am globally blacklisted


Username: (SirMC1234)
Discord: (SirMC1234##0656)


(Like I said before, I took a ss of 327th handbook because I thought I would read it on my off time. I did not know that I could get into trouble for this, so when it said I was blacklisted, I deleted the ss, and asked around in the discord what I was to do. I was scared and confused. But now I am globally blacklisted. What do I do from here? As I also said, I have no intentions of leaking any information of any division, especially not 327th. My loyalty is unbreaking.)
(I was viewing the 327th handbook.)

Please avoid posting multiple appeal threads. One is completely enough.

Forwarded to appropriate officer.


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Oops! My bad, Sir! What do I do now? Do I just wait? Do I mark this as solved? What do I do Sir? Sorry. This is the first time I have made it this for making an appeal. Basically saying this is the only time I have had to come here because of a blacklisting.

Appeal processed. Unblacklisted.

Omg! Thanks so much man! Your a life saver!