No one is reviewing my Discord Unban Appeal (JoshConn1002)

So I put up another Discord Unban Appeal 5 days ago because my Previus one was Incorrect. Basically I didnt know what a Discord ID was and i thought it was just the tag. So anyway any Mods who read this please review my Discord Unban Appeal the Link is provided.

Discord Unban Appeal: Discord Unban Appeal ( I really didnt mean to break the rules)

Same thing happened to me, they just rarely read them anymore.

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Ping them then that way they get notified

how exactly? i have no idea how to ping a mod



ah ok thank you rly appreciate it

its been 16 days and no response I dont think im ever gonan get one

The reality is they have lives, and they do not even NEED to read appeals. Be patient, it took months for others to ever have a response, and that doesn’t even mean if its positive or negative.