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[NEWS] The Sleigh

As stated by vikinglaw, the sleigh had made him over 500k in sales before he left the group!

By my math, atleast 130-166 people have bought the sleigh, which is a huge amount of sleighs!

Considering Kurka put the sleigh back onsale, its probably gotten even more!

What do you think about this?

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(Sorry for not posting as much, i have school and stuff but now im active :sunglasses: )


I’ll have to admit, this number is far greater then the 50ish figure I’ve seen thrown around. I mean, 500k robux is a series amount, so you can see why someone like Vikinglaw would think that it’s a no brainer. I think we also have to account for the fact that considering the game averages just below around 300 concurrent players, that’s like saying around half of everyone got it. Now this obviously isn’t quite true, there are different players on at different times (time zones and all) but still! That is a massive amount of purchases.

Out of interest though, where exactly did Viking confirm this number? I’d quite like to check it out for myself and see what else he has to say.

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Ping me next time sor.

Bro why not ping me :frowning:


Well, i didnt know if u were trolling or being serious

Do you ever think…

before Vikinglaw left the group…

he just decided to take all of the group funds for himself?


Because he’s a greedy frug, that’s why GAR used to be so p2w under his leadership, he didn’t care about the game actually being fun.

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Gar community: Wow Vikingslaw got 500k I guess he’ll grow the community and develop new stuff.


And even if he was here it would be spent on paying Devs to do aesthetic changes to the map, creating gamepasses then nerfing them and making irrelevant game passes which aren’t related to star wars in the slightest way.


@The_Third_Guard waiting for the next one

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