News: Outcry AGAINST CG

yet i know that more than anyone

litterally everyone here knows that aswell

Then I’m severely concerned for how unobservant the people on the forums are.

Bro if third out here talking about 3 times the cg was corrupt throughout the clone wars.

Like what? Like rk an immigrant for not answering name and planet, go ahead tell me.

sir its been 17 days please stop crying

What? You make no sense lmfao

His “crimes” that you claim Zekuba has commited.

Thats not one of the crimes? It was an example of smth else someone said stupid

Divisional disrespect is punishable, I can imagine the punishment would be extreme to the commander.

Dude, you still make no sense, you don’t even know what happend

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Seems like he direspected him.

Yeah, but “With great power, comes great responsibility”, even if he was provoked, he should never have abused power.

(Not saying he did)

Ah, are you a spider nerd too?

I’m more of a clone nerd.

Lmao I think posting this was probs not the best thing to do just a big giant FFA argument around this mess. Maybe u should go speak with some higher higher ups but then again I think red guard is still banned i could be wrong meh this was entertaining to watch tho

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You sound like ‘Better call Saul’ GAR edition.

Seriously, this HiCom is a human being, no one really cares as long as his division is working properly.

okay keanu ser pls okay