News: Outcry AGAINST CG

There has been drama within the GAR discord, specifically the CG discords.

A user named “ConflictedArchive” has allegedly “falsely” indoctrinated by Zekuba for “HICOM Disrespect” with the only proof being a cut out photo with 0 context provided on the situation.

The true conversation between ConflictedArchive was him saying it but then adding “respectfully”, intending to mean no actual disrespect towards any parties, but being indoctrinated anyway.

Entire document:

What do you think on this situation, do you believe they’re in the wrong for indocrinating them, or do they still hold accountablity?

News ping:
@KOSIntention @MeIsC00lGuy2020 @KURUPT10N @BobTheBuilder @FinalInsanity @josephi3210 @VictoryGAR

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Extra: when he reported this to RI with the entire document, they did not process the report and would not handle possible corruption.


I have no idea about what you mean, but ok.

Its called reading the document and post

You could have at least used English.

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I used english sir, :]

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Sorry, I’m not bilingual.


You arent intelligent, we know.

Thank you for accepting it, for once :slight_smile:

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I’ve read the document now. I can’t believe Zekuba would do that. He mightve just ruined his whole reputation by doing that. People won’t see him in the same way now.

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Are well allowed to see this? I’ve just opened it and it says to only be viewed by RI. Have we just been cucked by opening that?

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i mean, the creator said i can share it to anyone i like, it was oringianlly for RI, but they denied it.

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To you and anyone who sees this, please ping me for news.

I can tell you for a fact that he will have had a reason. Whether or not he decides to share the true extent of that reason with you is his decision.

I can’t open the document… Either the link doesn’t work or the link was removed?

I added it back, for ya.

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It’s so long, I need audible.


So, Zekuba did something to this guy, and the guy didn’t do what zekuba said he did, or at least did but he was joking, and so now you wanna get that thing removed. Now, that does sound corrupt, but if RI didn’t think it mattered, it probably doesn’t. Unless they’re in on it as well. Which is always a possibility. I don’t know why I am saying all of this. This is a royal waste of time and I have just realised I have no idea what I am talking about. I am tired. Also, CG smell funny.



this isnt the davinci code. ur doing a lot of mental gymnastics there.

zekuba is CO. its their duty to effectively assess every situation that comes to them. if zekuba didnt ask for the defendant’s side then that’s his mistake.

and if RI didnt punish zekuba, well that props up a whole new set of problems.


I’m not sure you guys understand.
This isn’t some elaborate scheme, CG nor RI is corrupt.
If you think they are then you’re an idiot. Just because you don’t know the reason doesn’t mean there isn’t one.