[NEWS] New Pilot Sub-Division!?

Was looking around when I found a (possibly) legit image of the new morphs in the works.

Apparently there will be a new clone Pilot division, but then I realized that every division listed had a custom Pilot morph fitted for that division! Looks like a pilot Sub-Division is coming!!

Ofc I could be wrong and look like a moron, but still. This looks SICK!

New morphs?



Isn’t our morphs, to a closer inspection it pretty obviously isn’t, got too hyped lol. Sorry for the disappointment.

Ths is kinda cool :+1: Hope they add something like this.

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Well, this is most likely a branch can be called “Galactic Republic Navy” and there should be divisions and sub-divisions in it.

Made a suggestion on that ages ago. Maybe Rainy saw it?!

what would they even do (starships are probably a bad idea, we dont want 30 of them flying around in small maps and such)

The all grey ones look kind of different as well. Not sure what division needs like 12 morphs.

Well, this is understandable, you can recreate the suggestion. Since I had the same suggestion about Maps Rework and reposted to the new suggestion forum, he already noticed this and replied to it. I know that they are adding new pilot morphs.

They might add some ships to the game if they are going to add a Pilot Sub-Division, Probably they are going to do it from the new map.

They are going to do it for the new map I think.

If this was added it would most likely be for troop transport ships unless the new map is going to be compatible with starfighter combat. However at the moment from what I’ve seen it doesn’t look like we’re going to be having starfighter combat in the new map.