New vehicles to the game. (please add this. it would be awesome)

You guys should add ridable vehicles.

Vehicles such as the Republic Gunship, Turbo Tank, AT-RT, AT-TE, and even the Republic Fighter Tank. The gunship could hold 15 units inside, and have two pilots. There should be a hanger for these vehicles, too. The Republic Fighter Tank could hold 2 troops, a pilot, and a unit to man the turret.


Republic Gunship

  1. We don’t need gunships, not a big enough map for it to make sense adding.

  2. Do we really need a tank on coruscant?

Agree, a speeder at most is what we need.

Yep. This map is to small.

It wouldn’t make sense to have tanks rolling around the Republic Capital. In the Clone Wars, do you see military vehicles rolling around Coruscant?

Man, we don’t have a battlefield zone, if we had. Then we will be able to drive such a vehicle.

It’ll be like Tiananmen Square all over again.

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