New use for battlegrounds to have more people in game

Ok so I was thinking what would make the battlegrounds more fun and usable is a running objective, like a terminal or something and like every time the raiders got our terminal near cap so holding it for 1000 seconds we would get a notification to get in game and defend it
I think maybe the raiders should all get a decent gun that 3 shots maybe, similar damage to officer blaster
And we could use all game passes their and so could they
And it would just be on going fighting, GAR defending the terminal
And raiders trying to take the point
And their would have to be some sort of incentive like a badge for the raiders if they fully cap the terminal
And BARC could use their speeders to help defend in battlegrounds
I think that would be my ideal for battlegrounds
And we already have the KDR feature which is cool, a terminal would be an objective which I think would get more people in game# Description

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Thanks for your suggestion, we’ll look into it.