New Update to Fix Lag for Mobile

So I currently use a mobile phone and when I play GAR it mostly freezes and then crashes. I know it happens to others who are also mobile. I also know people made posts of suggestions to fix mobile.big I currently also have my graphics to like 2 or 1 but it still lags and crashes . Please fix thank you

I believe the new map is meant to be more optimized, if that still dosen’t work, it’s probably your phone.

Phones aren’t meant to run stuff like this with so many assets and graphics. The best I can say is to join servers with less players, that decreases the lag.

But I use Motorola phone

This game was fine for phones but after an event called hell… something event, it started to lag for phones.

New map is actually like 0 lag. I went on the testing place rainy hosted a few months ago, had my phone on full graphic (500 players were on the server) And it wasnt laggy. But the new map is wonderful.

New UI on the new map is being tested as we speak for phones and such, shouldn’t be a problem for mobile users.

Motorola phones are pretty bad man, they aren’t great for the money.

The first test from my Memory would end up with more fps on high end and worst fps on low end.

Like a more extreme difference than the current map