New server event idea (GAR Hide-n-Seek)


My idea is for a new server event for GAR members, which would be a weekly event which would award power to the winners. The event starts like a server startup, but takes place in the temple rather than main street. The moderator in charge would take a screenshot and find out who all is there, and would take into account the turnout of division members. They would then create a random generator to decide a division to be the “seekers”. After the seekers are chosen, the rest of the players are given 10 minutes to hide anywhere in the map they so choose (save certain areas due to inaccessibility). After those 10 minutes, the division chosen to seek is given 30 minutes to find the hiders. After those 30 minutes, all remaining hiders are revealed and given power. If none remain, the seeking division gets power instead.


Here are some rule suggestions:
1 - No use of jetpacks, vehicles or weapons. If they are found to be used, those who used them will be disqualified and will not receive power.
2 - No hiding within apartments, as they count as inaccessible areas.
3 - Unless you are GAR and have been registered through the beginning screenshot, you cannot participate in the event.
4 - Raiding the bank is illegal during the event and will result in jail time.

That sounds great! Maybe to add on, they could be hosted on fridays at like 6/7 PM EST.

First off, why can’t immigrants or mandos join in for fun? Perhaps us raiders want to take a break after getting bored of easily killing GAR and play hide and seek

If the event is neutralised, where every raider and gar have killing disabled, then yes they can join.

Howard does this in some of his SSUs!