New Roles that will add to RP

What i am here to suggest is adding new roles, such as senators or operatives.
For the republi the senators are a soft spot, they are the people who makes sure the republics gears keeps turning, therefore there could be made important meetings or just random walks in coruscant, the speratists could get bonuses for killing the seperatists while republic troopers get bonuses for defending them.

For the seperatists the operatives could need weapon deliveries or disguises or a hostage or perhaps the operative just needs to be defended

My discord is Fly Ball#7811 feel free to write and we can talk more.

The spelling errors gave me a stroke.

Also the Senate is happening already.


Anything like this would come to the new map which is having new RP roles baked in anyway so we will have to wait and see about it.

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I mean this would give immigrants more to do.