New instructor division!

Hi, I have some ideas about educating cadets and ordinary soldiers: we should create a new division to train and educate the cadets before (and after) their arrival at the border (the training site should be a closed zone and easy for instructors to manage, but the same map of border, so recruits don’t get confused).
The division would have some sub-divisions like other ones.

I would propose the feature that, after three times they have been put in prison, disrespectful soldiers have to complete their training again.

Here the suit design for “simple” trainers:

Recruit design here:


Im concerned about increasing disrespect of soldiers.

I already wrote about this problem on this forum: Organizing New type of Events to avoid Post refusal

If you are interested in it, have questions, or want to share your ideas with me I leave you my Discord IP: Mastrota la trota#1730

My issues with this:

  1. most people would never attend them anyways.
  2. that morph is too much like an officer morph.
  3. Why not just cadet morph?
  4. Do you realize how many cadets join a day and how much work that would put on these instructors?
  5. What would companies be like for something like this?
  6. There is already a tutorial at spawn
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@Max1239 My possible solutions:

1 . For “newcomers” it will not be possible to choose, they will have to participate to enter GAR (as happens with tryouts).
2,3. Idk about morph, they dont have to be the same as in pictures, just ideas.
4. Some Roblox servers (2M+ players) already have this feature.
5. Youre right, i need to think about that.
6. People often ask high ranks how power, post and duties work, so i think the tutorial spawn isnt effective.

P.s. thank you for your interest in my ideas. :slight_smile:

Sounds like a good idea but it really shouldn’t be as complicated as more than two sentences to explain what they do. Like you can just say that they “Train low-ranked Troopers to become more understanding of the GAR community and its functions.”

But a big downside is that as of what I have seen from other divisions, 90% of them don’t know the rules and/or what to and not to do, so the people that teach the troopers most likely aren’t going to tell them the correct information.

If they make these mandatory the group will fully die out.

I have this exact same idea in my drafts…

these could all be decent just need thought and details

It’s a good idea. If it manages to work out the way you are saying it should. Which I am pretty sure it wont. It’ll lead of abuse and the people in this division will not be active if it is just something anyone can join. If they made a new event for officers to host, then it would be better. But it wouldn’t work having a whole division for it in my opinion. As Milo said though, you just need to sort out the details and it could work well.